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LAIE releases amazing new single,
“More Than This”
Denise Sherod in "REIGNLAND" 

LAIE has released a great message on this track called “More Than This” The keyboard strokes let out a sound that grabs my attention…the vocals are great, I like the drums as they connect to the vocals and builds up. The high pitch of the artist’s voice is nice. I really enjoyed this song. Speaking on the meaning behind the track, “In a time when we have access to almost anything we want, I think it hurts our ability as humans to be able to process what we really need. More Than This is about peeling back the layers and finding the truth in life.” Be sure to listen to this track as it tries to offer a positive message of hope.

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Four For Friday Featuring New Music By : LAIE, Furlong, Klara Hammarstrom, and Taylor B-W
Teri in "The Girls at the Rock Show"

LAIE has released a dreamy new single titled Be Alright. The song which deals with the back and forth feelings of a long-distance relationship highlight hazy vocals that bounce over a background of soft electronic instrumentation. Be Alright is LAIE’s second single, and she is planning on four more before the year closes out.

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Introducing: LAIE – Be Alright

The talented LAIE has released last Friday her new single Be Alright, an amazing piece of music. The quirky melodic lines are innovative and will create a unique ambiance. Besides, the vocal performance is a big highlight, LAIE has such a powerful voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic elements!

The lyrics are just like the sound very impressive. LAIE says about Be Alright, ”This is a song about the back and forth feelings with a long distance relationship. At the time my friends only knew what they heard about him, so it was hard holding it all together when all you had was late night calls and coffee over the phone.”

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